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Adolescence and Oral Care

Adolescence and Oral Care

It is important for your teen to properly care for their teeth so that they are more likely to continue good oral health into adult life.  Poor oral hygiene, and poor dietary habits can be very detrimental to the longterm health of their mouth.  

Advice for Parents:

  • Educate your teen on the importance of oral health.  Boyfriends and Girlfriends don’t like bad breath. Poor choices in the teen years regarding sugary drinks, and foods (ie. soda, coffee shops, frequent candy, etc) can lead to costly dental visits in the adult years.  
  • Routine dental visits can help impress upon your teenagers mind the importance of oral health.   
  • Routine fluoride exposure professionally applied have been shown to be highly effective in prevention.  
  • Model good dental habits.  

If you child has poor oral health habits, it is much easier to change those habits now than when an adult.  Having a healthy smile, strong teeth, and good breath all contribute to a young adults sense of personal appearance, self esteem and self confidence.