Idaho Pediatric Dentistry




I’ve had a great experience at Idaho Pediatric Dentistry. They are always able to get me in and out without any hassle. My daughter loves having Iron Man Teeth!
— Brandi Munz, Nampa

Taking my son to the surgery center for crowns was the greatest thing we could have done. He woke up not even remembering that he had seen Dr. Loveland or had a crown.
— Katie Ward, Middleton

My kids love Dr Loveland and his staff! They are so kind and gentle with the kiddos and have really created a welcoming and fun atmosphere. My oldest son has ASD and they are fantastic with him. Its really awesome to be able to take your kids to a place were they feel safe, respected and cared for. Prior to coming to this office mentioning going to the dentist would start meltdowns and anxieties with the kids but not anymore!
— Summer Twigg

3,830 days ago our oldest daughter starts visiting Idaho Pediatric Dentistry, teeth cleanings, cavities and braces and she feels good every time, really comfortable and friendly experience, our daughters like how Dr. Loveland found a princess on their mouth every time. Idaho Pediatric Dentistry our number one place.
— Gil Severo Hernandez

Best Pediatric dentist EVER!! My 3 children have been seen by Dr. Loveland for almost 5 years now. Great staff! Very courteous, friendly & always explain in detail what treatment is needed, if any! Hygienists are always so patient too! Samantha has been super helpful with us. Have & will continue to recommend this office!! Excellent service!! Definitely meets our expectations!
— Lucy Lechuga

My kids ask to go to the dentist after seeing Dr. Loveland and his amazing staff! Even our daughter with special needs has been cooperative where other places were harder for her to get through. The movie theater and latest movies are a bonus!
— Krissy Hansen

I can not say enough wonderful things about this office! My 3 year old son ended up with a tooth hurting him in the middle of the night. I called first thing in the morning and they got us in right away. My son has been in and out of Drs offices since he was born and does not do well in medical settings. From the lady I spoke with on the phone, to front office staff, to the incredibly sweet and patient assistant that worked with my son to the very friendly Dr; I was impressed. They work with children all day and never seemed annoyed and the office has lots of fun things to entertain kids and keep their minds preoccupied! From the bottom of a worried and concerned mother’s heart, thank you!
— Megan Warden

I like that there is always a smiling face. The atmosphere, the movie set-up, watching movies while being examined. My kids love going here, even to get the dreaded extraction. We ALL leave the office with a smile.
— Denise Peterson

Dr. Loveland is my kids’ first and only dentist and I don’t know how we got so lucky to have picked such an amazing dentist on our first try but I will never go anywhere else :-) He works well will all my children and meets their individual needs. We live in Boise but he’s worth the drive!
— Kristy Young

Dr. Loveland and his staff make dentist visits fun for the kiddos. They are all knowledgeable and very gentle. Our son is special needs and it’s amazing how caring and patient they are in his needs. I would recommend Idaho pediatric dentistry to anyone!
— Danielle Duran

BEST DENTIST OFFICE EVER!! The kids and I love the staff and how friendly they are. We love the atmosphere there and love the theme in the office!! I couldn’t have asked for a better dentist than Dr. Loveland!! He is very friendly and interacts with the kids and makes them feel comfortable in any situation.
— Danvee Ellison

My son was treated like a king! He looks forward to going. Thank you to all of the staff and Dr Loveland! Very professional and loving. God bless you guys.
— Bill Moseley

Dr. Loveland and his staff are absolutely fantastic! They are so good with my daughter and care for her like she is family! We couldn’t be more happy with the personal care they give! I highly recommend Idaho Pediatric Dentistry!
— Jodette Lemos

Looking for the best place to take your kids for dental care? Look no further they have the most caring staff and my kids love all the ladies in the office and the Dr is truely the best so kind and caring. All 4 of my kids enjoy going to the dentist. We love Idaho pediatric dentistry.
— Ginger Loucks

Working in general dental offices, I do not always hear accurate information pertaining to kids. They give you the impression that you can wait until the kids can tolerate the office, etc. I have worked in the pediatric world. You need to start taking those babies in as soon as you see teeth erupting! They will get to know their dentist and even at a young age, they can do lap visits and have a look around to make sure all is well. Dr. Loveland and his wonderful staff is where I choose to take my kids. Even though I could clean their teeth, this is the right setting for them. If you wonder if it’s time to start visiting a dentist, it is! And Idaho Pediatric Dentistry is the place to visit. Thank you Dr. And staff for all you do!
— Nekane McGarvie