Our goal Is To Make Going To The Dentist a Memorable, Positive, And A Fun Experience

Idaho Pediatric Dentistry

Welcome to Idaho Pediatric Dentistry, where we prioritize creating positive dental experiences for children. Our team of dedicated pediatric dental professionals at Idaho Pediatric Dentistry focuses on fun, comfort, timeliness, and education to ensure that every visit is enjoyable and educational. We’ve designed our office to be a welcoming environment with bright colors and playful decorations, supported by a friendly staff who make children feel at ease. Our goal is to build trust and positive dental habits that last a lifetime.

At Idaho Pediatric Dentistry, your child’s comfort is our top priority. Our experienced dentists and staff provide gentle, compassionate care, creating a safe and relaxed space. We value your time and aim to provide timely dental care without compromising quality. With an efficient appointment management system, we minimize waiting times and ensure prompt scheduling. Additionally, we believe in the power of education. During each visit, we teach children about the importance of oral hygiene in a fun and engaging manner, while offering valuable guidance to parents on preventive care and nutrition.

Join us at Idaho Pediatric Dentistry and let us partner with you in your child’s dental journey. Together, we can create a foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles, combining a fun and comforting environment with timely and educational dental care.

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Our Office

At Idaho Pediatric Dentistry, we prioritize respecting your time by implementing strategies to minimize waiting at the time of your child’s appointment. We understand that waiting can be challenging, especially for children, so we employ efficient appointment management systems and protocols to ensure a well-organized schedule. Our dedicated staff works diligently to optimize the flow of appointments, allocating appropriate time for each patient. While unforeseen circumstances may occasionally cause slight delays, we communicate any changes promptly and make every effort to minimize inconvenience. Our commitment to staying on schedule is rooted in our mission to provide exceptional service and a positive experience for you and your child, making your visit to Idaho Pediatric Dentistry efficient, stress-free, and enjoyable.

Our Doctor

Dr. Christopher K. Loveland

My name is Dr. Christopher K Loveland. I was born in St George, Ut and raised all over the world as my father was employed by the United States Air Force. I’m a Board-certified Pediatric Dentist who received my undergraduate degree in Biology from Boise State University and my Doctorate in Dental Surgery degree from the Medical College of Virginia in 2004 as Summa Cum Laude of my dental class. I did my residency at the University of Florida/Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida. I started Idaho Pediatric Dentistry in 2005. I am a diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and belong to a number of organizations: AAPD, ADA, ISDA, AAP, etc.

I have devoted my professional career to all aspects of pediatric dentistry with special interests in the treatment of fearful children, dental growth and development, and esthetics. To keep abreast of the latest developments in pediatric dentistry, I have always exceeded the continuing education requirements of Idaho.

My hobbies include snow skiing, snow boarding, golfing, and hanging out with my family. I’ve been married for over 20 years to my sweet heart, Andrea. We have 6 children: Alexia, Julie, Hunter, Mason, Bailey, and Pierson.

Pediatric Dentistry

How does your child feel about the dentist? At Idaho Pediatric Dentistry we use a gentle touch and a positive atmosphere to making dental visits fun. Our team of pediatric specialists love kids and have been specially trained to help them feel at ease. Our goal is to make going to the dentist a memorable, positive, fun, and educational experience.


As you know, a child's hand dexterity and mouth are different than their parents. It is important to make sure that your child is using the right toothbrush for them. In both cases, adults and kids should use a soft, rounded bristle toothbrush, with gentle cleaning.


Oral habits such as thumb/finger sucking are habits that can occur early in life. The good news is that most kids give up this habit by age four. If your child continues beyond this age, don’t get discouraged, it can still discontinue on its own. Of course there can...


The average age of first tooth eruption in infants is around 6-8 months. The two lower front teeth are the most common teeth to erupt first. About every 6 months another set of four teeth usually erupt finishing by age 3 in most kids with 20 teeth. The most common tooth eruption...


Cavities are caused by specific bacteria found in the mouth. They can grow to large numbers especially if the conditions are right. They love sugar in all forms. When we consume sugar, the bacteria use this sugar to survive and replicate and as a by product of their metabolism they produce...


Cavities are caused by specific bacteria found in the mouth. They can grow to large numbers especially if the conditions are right. They love sugar in all forms. When we consume sugar, the bacteria use this sugar to survive and replicate and as a by product of their metabolism they produce..


Gum disease in children is very rare. Inflammation of the gums or chronic gingivitis is very common in children. It presents as gum tissue that is swollen, red and bleeds easily. It can easily be corrected with proper brushing and flossing and routine dental care.


It is important for your teen to properly care for their teeth so that they are more likely to continue good oral health into adult life. Poor oral hygiene, and poor dietary habits can be very detrimental to the longterm health of their mouth.


The orthodontic field is a branch of dentistry that specialists in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of facial and dental anomalies. We deal with “bad bites”, or “malocclusion” and make the smiles of people of all ages healthy and beautiful. It starts with diagnosis, before treatment can begin. To accomplish that goal we use the latest in photographs, x-rays, and dental impressions.


Removable appliances may be used to move selected teeth, to hold selected teeth in place, to influence growth of the jaws, and to influence tooth eruption. They are often used in conjunction with fixed appliances.